About Christie Bookkeeping Services

At Christie Bookkeeping Services, we’ve spent years working with a variety of businesses from professional organizations such as medical centers, law offices, consultants and contractors to funeral homes, trucking companies and much more. We create customized accounting programs based on your unique needs. Our goal is to help you increase your profit and performance with reports and analyses designed to help you make smart financial decisions.

Our bookkeeping support extends beyond posting transactions and reconciling accounts. We believe in true diligence in the review process, searching for any anomalies and conveying those anomalies to accountants for effective tax preparation. With our thorough book reviews, we have uncovered and corrected everything from inconsistencies or errors in income/expense coding to employee embezzlement and credit card fraud. We pride ourselves in providing a high level of accounting for our clients that goes beyond every day entries to assisting in creating budgets, applying for loans and audit preparation.

Are you managing a non-profit organization? We have experience providing the extreme attention to detail required and understand the importance of tracking the receipt and use of restricted funds in order to provide transparent and accurate documentation for yearly audits, grant applications and board approvals.

Whether you need a monthly or quarterly review to reconcile accounts and oversee the books or someone at a comptroller level processing all of your accounting functions, Christie Bookkeeping is here for you. We greatly value our clients and work hard to build long term relationships through communication and support of their needs.