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Christie Bookkeping Services, LLC

Christie Bookkeeping Services offers first class financial services for a variety of industries. We have been successful in the South Jersey region and are now expanding to Delaware and New Jersey, specifically South Jersey and surrounding areas. With our remote capabilities we are able to reach businesses outside of commuting distances. We can help you stay on top of your business’s financial health with timely and accurate reports at affordable rates.

At Christie Bookkeeping, we’re dedicated to expertise and attention to detail. We ensure that you as a business owner have a solid, accurate understanding of your business to aid in making decisions that will help grow and strengthen your company.

We’ve worked with all types of businesses such as law offices, retailers, non-profits, contractors, and medical centers just to name a few. We can customize your QuickBooks to best suit your needs.

Above all, we strive to help the small business owner or non-profit succeed.

Delaware Bookkeeping Service


We now have a presence in Delaware and can provide first class bookkeeping services to businesses in the Sussex and surrounding counties. Whether you prefer to meet in person with your bookkeeper or work remotely, we can personalize your services to meet your needs.

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South Jersey Bookkeeping Service

South Jersey

From our office based in South Jersey, we provide the South Jersey area with bookkeeping and financial services for most every type of small business throughout the region. We can meet with you in person, or we can oversee your finances remotely, sparing you the time and space of in person meetings.

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