Christie Bookkeeping Helps Trucking Company As In-house Comptroller

Christie Bookkeeping Helps Trucking Company

Christie Bookkeeping takes pride in the long-lasting relationships built with its clients. We have worked with some of our clients for over 20 years including a trucking company for which CBS is responsible for all accounting tasks typically performed by an in-house comptroller. We act as the liaison between the owner and accountant in order to provide the accountant with all necessary information while speaking with our client in layperson’s terms in order to provide a better understanding of what the accountant is trying to achieve for tax purposes.

Our tasks include the processing of all company invoicing (AR), paying the bills (AP), monitoring cash flow, reconciling accounts, and filing IFTA, IRP, CPCN, and 901A renewals to respective agencies. We also provide administrative services by responding to state, federal and insurance requests as well as handle monthly, quarterly, and year-end closeouts.