Christie Bookkeeping Helps Law Firm to Uncover Embezzlement

Bookkeeping Helps Law Firm to Uncover Embezzlement

A law firm attained a client who was a victim of caretaker embezzlement. The lawyer on the case could clearly see the theft by reviewing the bank statements to see that even though money had been disbursed at an alarming rate, the client’s bills were not being paid. In order to make a case and present it to the court, the lawyer would need to create the proper financial documents to prove their case. The law firm reached out to Christie Bookkeeping Services for assistance.

Through a thorough forensic accounting investigation, Christie Bookkeeping was able to provide the law firm with the cash flow reports and bank reconciliations required for the discovery process. Ultimately, the law firm won the case and the caretaker was ordered to pay back all stolen monies.