Kimberly Christie, Bookkeeping Associate

Kimberly grew up helping her mother Linda with bookkeeping projects, and learning all about financials and QuickBooks along the way. During a college hiatus, she was a full-time office manager for Christie Bookkeeping.

After completing graduate school, Kimberly worked part time as an administrative assistant and bookkeeper for a Baltimore-based startup, where she learned how to maintain accurate and concise financial records for small businesses. She went on to work first for a non-profit based in Baltimore City and then as an associate in a CPA’s office where she was responsible for multiple clients on multiple platforms.

Kimberly began working as a bookkeeping associate for Christie Bookkeeping Services in 2018 and is the lead associate for many clients representing a wide range of industries all of which receive timely, communicative and attentive service in a remote capacity via Quickbooks Online, Qbox and remote server.

Kimberly has a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Vocal Performance and Pedagogy with her focus on classical and operatic performance. When she isn’t busy assisting Baltimore-based businesses with their accounting you can find her performing on stages in the Baltimore/DC area.